T.O.R. Information die an unseren Support gerichtet war


Folgende Mail erhielt unserer Support-Team über unseren Mail-Account.

Die angesprochene Seite ist sehr interessant und gut gemacht. Aus diesem Grund wollen wir sie an unsere Community weiterreichen.

Hey linuxmuster.net team,

I just thought I would get in touch with you.

As I read your article on open source privacy software:

We recently wrote a detailed piece about how T.O.R works, how it provides
anonymity and the limitations of the service. And I thought it would be a
great additional resource for your readers.

Our writer Bill is a very strong advocate of privacy technologies and he
wrote a whopping 3000+ words on the topic.

I really thought I should share it with you.

Here it is:

Would you consider adding us as a resource too? I would be extremely