Firewall problem?!

i dont speak german or read it but u all cant make firewall eather,.
i seen how microsoft hacks, my logs show it as well, they disable the firewall and stil get throw and u wont know it, but is way make hack proof system, first we must have a os that is inpossable to taper with, well way u all do it cant be done, so lets rebuild your firewall to one will work, fist thing we need 4 partions, we need set small system up for vr,
system would be strongly proteckted from change, in vr firewall system installed, but not alll of it, on harddrive in a encripted partion ,that dose only file be file inecipton decription connating back up copy of sytem and all the ids rules, a 3ed partion used for back ups again cant be seen or touch, 4th fake copy of firewall, now as this is in vr we have much more contontl over, all servers that shows no mac address is lock out, system does checks by the hr to make sure each part working, changes are save but not processs if they work after few days they process to system if breaks the system it thrown away, now we want every one think the real firewall is fake one so it would only seam to process data, the main firewall would scan for all commands that are used to change a os or firewiall, now firewall would install very small partion to all computers useing it that contain keys to id the server to firewall if firewall sees that some one else is also loging on that pc and accesing it that access be cut off, now, we need fix vpn, usb key made link to all hardware settings , this key be install on vpn clinent copy needed hardware inforamtion every thing, would make small partion on unit to copy all vpn information and would to keep running tab on client vpn service so cant be change, probem with athencation is it must mach and it can be hard do we make it simple ipsec would auto set up on all local computers harden and files encripted, all settings are lock so as long as has internet access, firewall must have internet taken off line to change anything, this would provent any attempt in firewall being disable, now i run ipfire and microsoft had change the iptables in way that all updates be lock out, and that there servers could pass throw it, if such things are lock doing access now some setting must be change on fly, they put in tep dir and if user dose not take firewall off line them changes be del, and block u all have system that every one builds, so they know how get around it, but even this can end with the above system, as every thing is so closely montor by system, and vr is prfick working place to make a firewall that can do montor anything even monotor and block ipv6. no firewall can montor this in way to block what they do, as everything is lock people cant hack it, take it off line a athencation sent to there phone to log in so that no athencation can be fake, now we have 10 diffrent parts of firewall running in vr, small servers doing just one thing, one montors changes, one montors trafic, list gose on, but only in vr can we do such thing, and not to use vr is fool hardy, i know wont traslate well but maybe will help

Hello jay_bo!

Which version of do you use?

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Ich bezweifle etwas die Seriosität dieses Beitrages…
Gruß Christoph Gü


Ich auch, darum das Verschieben und die Nachfrage. Ich gehe ja immer vom guten im Menschen aus. :wink:

Lieben Gruß



Ich auch, darum das Verschieben und die Nachfrage. Ich gehe ja immer vom
guten im Menschen aus. :wink:

ich eigentlich auch … aber:
ich hab den Beitrag ganz gelesen: was an sich schon anspruchsvoll war.
Nicht die ganze Zeit war ich mir sicher, ob der weiß, wovon er redet:
war auch etwas schwer, weil da doch oft die Klarheit im Ausdruck und im
Satzbau fehlte.

Am Ende tat ich den Beitrag als geschwurbel von einem
Verschwörungstheoretiker ab, der wenig Ahnung von der Materie hat aber
trotzdem „für das Gute“ missionieren will.
Deswegen hab ich nicht drauf geantwortet.
Aber vielleicht kann mir ja auch jemand den Beitrag erklären: gerne auf
englisch: aber so dass man es auch versteht.